OC Marathon | May 7, 2017

The OC Marathon is excited to announce the continuation of our 2017 Running Clubs Program. After the race, we will refund 10% of the clubs total OC Marathon registration fees to all running clubs registering 25 or more participants in any combination of the Full, Half or 5K events.  Due to the success of the program over the years, we are making a few changes to the program, the most significant being the requirement of an application to be part of the program.

The Running Clubs Program is designed for traditional Running Clubs to recruit and register their club members to register for the U.S. Bank OC Marathon, Half Marathon or Wahoo's OC 5k. All approved applicants will be added to our Running Club drop down menu on our online registration forms. You will be notified within 72 hours of your approval and addition to our program.

We ask that the main contact for your running club fill out the form below.  Please be aware that the information that you choose to include in this form will be noted as the main contact for your running club.  This person will be sent all information about running club offers, meeting tents on event day and the club's rebate check will also be sent to the contact address.  

Contact Information

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Terms & Conditions

Please be aware that the distinction of your organization as a running club disqualifies you from using any Official Charity Program benefits that the OC Marathon offers. These benefits include: 1) The use of our crowdrise page (or any other affiliated fundraising page) for fundraising toward your organization 2) The use of charity coupon codes distributed to OC Marathon Official Charities 3) The option to be added to our Official Charity drop-down menu to raise funds as a charity during registration.

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