August 7, 2016 | OC Fair & Event Center

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Join us at the OC Fair Fun Run!   The OC Fair Fun Run  is an exciting event that goes through the OC Fair before it's gates open to the public.  The event features several Detour To Fun areas where participants can enjoy the giant slide, jam on the Pacific Amphitheater Stage and more!  The event attracts over 2,800 runners each year. Vendor space is very limited, so reserve your space now!

Event Schedule:
4:45 – 5:45 am – Exhibitor Load In
6:00 am – Exhibitors should be completely set up!!
6:00 am – Race Day Registration and Packet Pick Up Opens
8:00 am – 5K Run/Walk Start
9:00 – Awards
9:45 – Exhibitors Load Out (must be completely cleared out by 10:00 am)

Booth Space Options

Company Information

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PA Announcement

Sponsors and Exhibitors have an option to provide a short PA announcement showcasing your display, company promotions, and more.  The PA announcements will be read where applicable during the expo, and/or at the start line and finish line.


    Please be brief!
    Space is limited to 30 words or less!  (and 30 words is quite lengthy)
    Consider writing your PA announcement as an ad, such as XX is located in Costa Mesa and provides XX.  Stop by the expo booth to receive xx.


    PA ANNOUNCEMENT - Stop by and say HI to the "XXX" sampling crew from "XXX" the coolest "XXX" company you'll ever meet.
    SOCIAL MEDIA - Race Day is coming! ! Make some strides in your life with "XXX".  See you at the finish line!




Credit Card Payments


You will be redirected to PayPal after pressing the button below. Please make sure to finish the transaction by completing the PayPal form. You can use any credit card without needing a PayPal account.

Terms & Conditions

the Exhibitor hereby agrees with Management as follows:
1. Exhibitor will complete full set up of Exhibitor’s booth at the expo by time stated on Exhibitor instructions sent prior to the event.
2. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees setup times are not negotiable and exhibitors will not be admitted entrance to the expo before published times.
3. Exhibitor agrees to provide booth staffing for Exhibitor’s booth at all times during expo hours.
4. Exhibitor agrees that displays will not visually or physically disturb aisles or adjacent exhibitors.
5. Exhibitor agrees to conform to all City, County and/or State Fire Department Rules and Regulations.
6. Exhibitor agrees not to sublet space or exhibit any merchandise other than that specified on Expo sign-up form without permission from Management.
7. Exhibitor agrees space assignments may be changed by Management. (Management will use reasonable efforts to not change space assignments.)
8. Exhibitor agrees that violation of Rules and Regulations may result in forfeiture of space. Refunding of fees is at the sole discretion of the Management.
9. Exhibitor agrees that no refunds will be made to exhibitor who fails to occupy space.
10. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that Exhibitor forfeits their booth space, without refund, if all conditions of payment, signed terms and conditions, and other forms as necessary apply, are not met by the appropriate deadlines.
11. Exhibitor agrees that Management reserves the right to reject or restrict any exhibit.
12. Exhibitor agrees not to make any undue noise or odor, use bright or hazardous lights, cause damage to the Expo space, or booth equipment or act in any manner deemed inappropriate by Management.
13. Exhibitor agrees that the serving of alcoholic beverages by exhibitor is prohibited.
14. Exhibitor agrees to carry the necessary workman’s comprehensive general liability insurance and any other insurance that may be required by city ordinance.
15.All vendors sampling any food items must fill out all appropriate forms and meet the requirements for the health department. Management will provide the necessary forms to fill out and exhibitor must comply by the deadline assigned, or risk the loss of the exhibit space and any fees paid.
16. To the fullest extent permitted by law, vendor shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless, The OC Marathon, LLC, KB Event Management LLC, Book That Event, LLC, OC Fair & Event Center, and City of Costa Mesa, their owners, affiliates and subsidiaries, officers, agents and employees from any and all liability, claims, demands, causes of action, judgments or costs (including but not limited to attorney fees and attorney fees incurred in enforcing this agreement) of every kind and nature whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with the vendor's operations performed under this agreement. The defense and indemnification obligations shall extend to claims occurring after this agreement is terminated as well as while it is in force and shall include defense and indemnification for any active or passive negligent act or omission of The OC Marathon LLC or their agents or employees. The defense and indemnification obligations shall be required regardless of any negligent act or omission by vendor, however, vendor shall not be required to indemnify for claims arising from the sole negligence or willful misconduct of The OC Marathon LLC as determined by a court of law. The indemnity requirements described above shall not be limited by the insurance requirements or by any other provision within this agreement. All work covered by this agreement shall be at the sole risk of vendor.
17. Exhibitor agrees to assume all responsibility for loss theft, or destruction of goods or for all personal injuries to himself/herself, his/her employees, agents, representatives, or visitors, and will save harmless The OC Marathon, LLC, KB Event Management, LLC Book That Event, LLC OC Fair & Event Center and/or the City of Costa Mesa from any and all liability in connection with any and all of the above.
18. Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that it will be obligated to pay a $50 cleaning fee if it or its representatives upon closing of the expo, leaves trash/boxes and that such amount may be charged to exhibitor’s credit card on file with Management.

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